Top 5 Testosterone Boosters and Its Benefits When Used With HCG

Use of testosterone pills to naturally boost a man`s testosterone level have become very common in our modern day society. Testosterone levels genetically reduces with age. Most men experience this when they are in their late twenties and early thirties. Testosterone is a hormone that performs vital responsibilities in the body and its importance cannot be overlooked. As a matter of fact, this is the hormone that makes you a man; it is responsible for the development of secondary male characteristics that makes you bold and authentic as a man.

Things seems to be moving on well but hormonal changes reduces your understanding of who you are. To be on the safe side, it is important to understand that change is constant. When you reach a point in life where you are experiencing some symptoms of reduced testosterone levels, it is important to understand that you are not the man you were yesterday. Time keeps on moving and the least you can do is to keep worrying about the changes that are taking place in your life.

Some of the causes of low testosterone level are unknown. However, decrease in testosterone level may be caused by other factors apart from aging. Some other known factors include testicular injury, diabetes, obesity and many more. It is therefore advisable to take a blood test to trace the root cause of your decrease in testosterone level. When you go for anti-aging treatments, you may not experience some of the symptoms of having low testosterone. It is however important to take a step further and know the root cause.

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Testosterone levels can be restored naturally using testosterone supplements. That is why you need not to worry since most of the testosterone supplements available in the market today are clinically proved to be safe and effective. One of the key reasons that you may find it important to use testosterone pills is to avoid undergoing a testosterone replacement therapy which is very expensive and may have negative side effects on you.
Nonetheless, if you are looking forward to using testosterone pills to increase your testosterone levels, you may have a hard time in selecting the best. The market is flooded with many brands, some of which are of low quality and you will just waste your money by buying them. We have conducted a thorough research to help you choose the best quality based on the testosterone booster`s potency, own experience, ingredients used and overall customers` reviews as presented below.

Top 5 Testosterone Pills


Testogen is top rated testosterone pill that we recommend to you. It has an overall potency of 2600 mgs per taking. It is made up of quality ingredients similar to those of TestoFuel only that every testosterone supplement comes with its own uniqueness. The goals of these product; strengthen, stimulate and sharpen have been met as it is evident from the different customer reviews on the internet.

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TestoFuel is another amazing testosterone booster that is more geared to help men gain muscles and have increased strength and stamina. It has been clinically proved to be safe and effective. Its ingredient has fat reducing properties. We recommend this brand especially to those men who want to grow lean muscles and athletes. It has an overall potency of 2500 mgs which is significantly capable of bettering any man`s performance.

Prime Male

Prime Male is another testosterone booster you should consider buying. It is made of quality natural ingredients that have met FDAs standards. Prime Male and TestoFuel relatively competes with each other in the market. However, if you are looking towards having more libido and increased sex drive, Prime Male is the better choice for you it contains a unique ingredient; Mucana pruriens which has very high antioxidant properties and will help you experience better performance in bed. You can count on this product to be able to take your partner to cloud nine and experience bedroom bliss.

Monster T

Monster T is an excellent testosterone booster with the highest potency that is not recorded in any other supplement that you can find in the market today. It is made up of 4 primary ingredients with D-Aspartic Acid having a potency of 4,600 mgs per taking. D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) is the most crucial ingredient that is found in any quality testosterone booster. You can be assured of good results by taking this product especially in your sex life. This ingredient is a non-essential amino acid that acts as anti-estrogen, stimulating the body to produce more testosterone and facilitate smooth flow of testosterone hormone. It contains other ingredients such as L-Citrulline and Stinging nettle extracts which are essential in increasing metabolic activities in the body. Our only issue with this product is its formula. It has only utilized D-Aspartic Acid to very high levels but failed to do so for the other ingredients. Better results can be achieved when the manufacturers of this product takes the initiative to implement their formula.


Nugenix has earned our number 5 ranking. It is an execellent testosterone pill that is geared to increase men`s testosterone level and improve their life in different areas. This brand is clinically proved to be safe and effective. The ingredient formula is designed to help men of all ages in having more strength and stamina, increased libido and sex drive. It is made of natural ingredients which are vital in any given testosterone booster and has an overall potency which is above average. All the ingredients including D-Aspartic acid, Zinc, Vitamin D and more are fully utilised giving you a life time experience you have been longing for.

NB: Recent studies shows that the use of HCG favours those men who are using testosterone boosters and those who are undergoing testosterone replacement therapy.

What is HCG?

In essence, HCG-Human Chorionic Gonadotropic, is a hormone that is used to stimulate ovulation in women and testosterone production in men. My main concern is about men.

How does it function?

HCG mimics the Leutinising Hormone, (LH) to stimulate the Leydig Cells to produce more testosterone.

Who should use HCG?

HCG is suitable for all men who are using exogenous testosterone (testosterone obtained outside the body from testosterone boosters or testosterone replacement). Unless you have high testosterone, your brain always sends a signal to the Leutenising Hormone LH, to stimulate your Leydig Cells to produce more testosterone. Since you are using testosterone from outside, your brain will probably fail to notice that your body needs more testosterone (See Therefore, it will not send a signal to the LH to stimulate the production of testosterone in your gonads.

Testosterone and HCG

When the testosterone level is low, your testicles shrinks but HCG will restore them back to normal size and automatically initiate the production of more testosterone. You will then have more testosterone circulating in your body connoting that you have already supplemented the testosterone and there is continuous production of testosterone. You can therefore utilize your testosterone to build lean muscles or improve any other aspect of your life.

HCG Dosage

HCG comes in a complete package with all the instructions on how to inject it in your body. However, you should get a medical prescription since this is a very strong hormone which should be utilized in the right manner.


Our list have presented only the top best testosterone supplements in the market. The ranking is based on their quality but having only reviewed top 5 testosterone supplements, they may be the best that you can find. Regardless of the testosterone booster you opt to buy, the key factor is getting optimal results. However, if you are not sure on which testosterone booster that will suit you best, we do recommend you to seek professional help from a licenced physician to guide you and monitor your entire supplementation. The time frame that you take these supplements plays a significant role in ensuring that you bear good results. In most cases, it takes 2-3 months of supplementation to have testosterone level restored back to normal.