Are You A Testosterone or A Dopamine?

Uncategorized / Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

This is a brain-based personality test that helps people to understand themselves better. It makes you to understand why you are attracted to certain personalities while you have no interest in people who depicts opposite personalities. For example, why do you fall in love with one person and not another? As a man, if you are put in a room full of beautiful girls and you are given the chance to pick only one, what chemistry or which criteria do you use to pick one and forego the rest?

This is a question that have been addressed for years by philosophers, psychologists and poets. There is no theory that have managed to answer these questions fully. However, a decade ago, the biological anthropologist did a research scanning the brains of people in different stages of love and came up with the findings which are based on brain science rather than psychology.

The Fisher Temperament Inventory measures temperaments that comes from our genes, hormone and neurotransmitters. Some personalities are attracted to people who depict similar personalities while some people are attracted to those individuals that have opposite personalities. That is the key factor when it comes to selecting our friends, spouses or co-workers. Dr Fisher came up with 4 biological systems each with its own host of traits. They include dopamine, serotonin, testosterone, and estrogen system. Dopamine and serotonin are neurotransmitters which determines how we respond to stimuli by fight or flight. Testosterone and estrogen on the other hand are the hormones that determines how our brains express male or female traits.

All humans have the four systems but the level of activity in each system varies from one person to another. Some people are balanced while others are dominant in one or two areas at most. Our main emphasis is mainly on dopamine and testosterone especially for men. To understand yourself better, let’s examine the characteristics of each.


People who are predominant with dopamine tends to be very enthusiastic, impulsive, curious, spontaneous, creative, restless, energetic and mentally flexible. They like exploring new things and are the risk takers who mostly become very successful entrepreneurs. They give no space to those individuals who are boring and tends to be attracted to people with similar traits.


Testosterone system represents a group of people who are tough-minded, competitive, emotionally contained, inventive, exacting sceptical, assertive and analytical. They tend to be very good in rule-based-systems in different fields such as mathematics, computers, engineering and music. They always have a way to make it to the top and secures top managing positions in different organizations. They get attracted to people who portrays opposite traits.


Serotonin types tends to be very social, detail oriented, traditional calm, conscientious and controlled. These are the builders and guardians who like loyal people as they are concrete thinkers who are very persistent in nature. Their main aim is going to the point rather than entertaining interesting or exiting people. They are attracted to people with similar personalities.


Estrogen system depicts a group of people who tend to be imaginative, holistic, intuitive, trusting, empathetic, trusting and long term thinkers. Generally, they are emotionally intelligent hence they are very sensitive to people`s feelings. They have very good verbal and social skills that make them good negotiators. They are attracted to people with opposite personalities.


From the above traits, you can examine yourself and know the group you fall in. however, you may fall in two categories which is okay. Dr Fisher also found out that men typically register higher on the testosterone scale than women and women register higher on estrogen than men. However, there are no differences between them on the dopamine and serotonin scales.

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